Golden Hour Guild for Photographers!!


I am beyond happy to announce the new teaching aspect of my business!!  The "Golden Hour Guild" is new & for photographers!!  I love teaching I and receive many e-mails asking me questions about how I run my business, creating a unique style and specifics pertaining to photography.  I Can't wait to share my experiences and kick off some mentoring sessions and fun workshops!!

Join the guild!!  Are you a hobby photographer who is aspiring to go pro or a pro photographer who is just starting and trying to figure things out?  If that's you, then you've wandered in to the right place!  Become a member of my 'Golden Hour Guild' and receive updates on free webinars, mentoring sessions and on location workshops!

What is the Golden Hour Guild?!?! - A group of photographers ( hobby through pro ) who are interested in honing their skills and taking their work & business to the next level.  When you sign up, you will receive occasional e-mails letting you know about free webinars, hosted by me, mentoring sessions and in person workshops!!

To receive more information and to sign up to join, please go to my page for photographers

When you sign up to be a member, you will immediately receive an offer to click through to my thoughts on the key "ingredients" that make up your style as a photographer! Pretty cool :-)